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Read the first chapter here. This is about his sixth appearance, two before the accident, I guess, three after. This makes six. Chris is an old friend dating back to his appearance on Broadway in "The Fifth Rseves July," pre-Superman days, so we hold some stead for each other, if that's the term.

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If it wasn't the horse, what happened?

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KING: All right. I just thought that what I wanted to do was -- you know, that I write sometimes about my frustration of that land there. Specter, Rockefeller, Jeffords -- John Porter in the House have proposed that the insurance companies be required to give one penny -- one penny out of every health premium that they get -- receive, one penny to research. It's unbelievable. The Palace3rd Base married adults friends.

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And you would think that, well, they'd move onto something else, but the fact that they're responding to this book and they still care is really so -- I am very, very grateful for that. KING: Will it be, right? KING: Would that affect the way you ride, though?

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KING: So it's not atheism? KING: And what was your -- if you can remember, your immediate reaction to hearing that?

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It is three years. KING: What changed that? That's why I do breathing exercises every day. It breathes for you?

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Usually in the past that's what people die of -- your lungs sort of fill up with fluid. It's post. What can't you eat? KING: How much medication? KING: There's no bigger story than the cure for some -- I mean, the cancer story breaks the other day and it looks hopeful and it's going to take a year before we know and the world -- the world is all encompassed in it.

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And -- then my family came in. It could happen to anybody and what really makes me sad, the family driving along in a car and they stop -- it's a rainy, windy day, and a tree falls over, lands in the car and ral two of the occupants -- the husband and the son, and you know, where is the justice in that?

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KING: None? This makes six. KING: And do you think the other people in the center -- center sensed it?

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KING: Why wouldn't this pass to-nothing? KING: Are you at all surprised at the attention it has been getting? What do you base that on? So, you know, the point is that yeah, there can be dumb things, diving in a shallow end, but also the randomness of life where you can be sitting at a stop Wiman, a tree falls on your car, you know, it's just -- that's pretty weird.

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Do you feel clout? I would have my arms on the rails and I would go along, but I would imagine a year after rehab where they make the reconnection and then the thing is where do I show up first. I like to dance, smile, and Morenci Arizona skinned mexwhite girl 4 black woman take it easy. REEVE: That was just -- I got a special mattress that prevents skin breakdown and it's a real relief because -- when I was in rehab it was every two hours, and I got home it was every four hours.

Why do you think that's still -- I mean, can you take yourself out of it for a minute and analyze why this interest and feeling for you and in this condition remains? KING: You told us that last time that it was in progress.

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KING: Can you watch then when it's shown now, and you're wheeling yourself around, and killing two people, and getting away with it? Now, why he did that, I don't know exactly, but I may have thrown my weight forward a little too soon, and being as heavy as I am, that would be a problem for him. Jane, Dr.

Reves the real enemy, the enemy now is within our bodies, all of these diseases, Parkinson's and so on -- that's the future, that's what we've got to fight. And it was endowed by Joan Irvine Smith. KING: Broke his neck in a horse accident, but we haven't heard about him or from him or anything, so it sort of went away.