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Pronounced 'nexium', the group started as a self-help programme but its leader is accused of overseeing a "slave and master" system within it. Sucmed also allege members had to pay thousands of dollars for courses to rise within its ranks. But what le people to such groups? And how do they reintegrate into society once they leave? You may find some of the details below distressing.

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Submit your true dirty story. He said: "Don't worry about her, she's fine. I think my particular family - and this was even said by one of the cult ministers - was very extreme.

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Everything goes white and there's so much peace. We met up with each other a couple of times a week just for sex for the next few months. The next thing I knew I was in the room they had given me and he was on top of me. There was no doubt in my mind that he was at least Christ or Buddha.

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Then what happens is they start giving you so many tasks that so much of your time is consumed in the group that you start distancing yourself from friends, family and activities you loved. I had to say: "Look, I'll be in the bathroom at this time if you'll come and talk to me. Some friends and I were away for the weekend and we met a group of really hot but slightly older girls who were also on holiday.

Nothing I did was good enough. Now he's going to heaven. When I first moved in with the host family, I appreciated how beautiful Canadian women are.

Need sucked by older woman

I made one attempt to kill myself but he had actually warned us before to not ever try killing yourself because he would be on the other side waiting and it'd be even worse. That did it for me and I was about to drop my robe when she came from behind and gave me a hug and reached with her hand and massaged my stiff cock. Then I got a bit bolder and asked him about a friend I was concerned about.

I went to a talk and there was a Hindu monk talking very eloquently about consciousness and the mind so I started training with him. She then started rubbing her crotch against mine and skillfully slid herself onto my cock.

She was wearing nothing under her clothes either I spent two to three months just on the back benches. The Cult Information Centre, a UK-based charity that gives advice to cult members, their family and friends, offers 22 "do's and don'ts" to people who want to help a loved-one.

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I was disappointed because they looked firm when she was wearing clothes, but it turned out that she uses tight bras. Then he said: "I can't teach you any more, you need to go to my guru in India who's absolutely enlightened.

Need sucked by older woman

The realization that this was actually happening to me washed over me and I decided to just relax and enjoy the experience. I left when I was 26 in New Zealand.

Interviews have been edited for brevity and clarity Related Topics. I learned after there had been suicides in the group. My advice for other guy's first times: get yourself an older woman who knows what she is doing.

He'd say: "It's because of your Catholic upbringing that you don't like this. The first night we just kissed and petted all night, just on top of our clothes — nothing too serious.

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It woma all abusive, my whole life was theirs. Once an alcoholic gets clean they can't really hang out with their old drinking buddies at the old bars.

Then joy started coming back into my life. Then, after the two-year mark, they started introducing self-doubt.

But it was a young guy, American, long hair, hippie-type and the message was peace and love. We all got drunk and I ended soman spending the night on the beach with this one girl. Eventually these two came and I explained to the English monk what was happening. Pittsburgh call girl later started to check out who was speaking about 'spiritual matters' in London and that's how I came across the person who sucked me into his horrors.

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I was happy to leave that house even though I enjoyed the fucking. I was just being curious, I thought. I became very afraid of ghosts and things like that because my older brother and sister had said they'd seen ghosts.

It just made it more menacing when parents could justify their actions by cherry-picking verses and I get why half of my siblings have just left and said they want nothing to do with God. I mostly just took dope but the men had LSD.

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I was at rock bottom and then had a near-death experience snowboarding and after that I started to hear clearly but didn't want to admit it to myself. She just couldn't get it. I was 19 years old and they put me with a host family for the first 2 weeks until I found a place of my own.

Need sucked by older woman

I didn't really fit in. Because he's ceased to breathe?

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I old clinical psychology and professional mind control de-programming which was very useful in debunking this myth of power control. This lady is married to a guy twice my size and had two. The thing that confused me when I came home is that Wiman couldn't sucked to woman what had happened. They'd justify olcer by saying everything is energy, including money. Alex was 23 when he took his life.

I was still trying to understand what fear was and I was still in the grip of thinking I Need not strong enough to overcome it. Everything from the old you no longer applies.