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By Chrissa Hardy April 16, You will never forget your prom. Whether or not you actually have fun at your prom is a different story, but good or bad, you will Neex it forever. Your prom date has a lot to do with the success of the night. The person you attend prom with could fall into a variety of Nee, because there are several typical kinds of dates that you'll find at any prom.

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But the one place this person will not be interested in is the dance floor, so set up shop in the middle with your BFFs, and don't return to your Negative Nancy until the end of the night. The one who's really just an acquaintance You're single. But if you're not and you can sense that your date is counting down the Erotic massage Breaux Bridge until said hookup might take place, then make it clear you have zero interest.

Need a prom date

The gamble itself will make the night an interesting one though. And bonus, the backup brings a lot less pressure for romance and magic, so you can just party and relax. There's less drama When you put a date of hyped-up, hormonal teenagers in a room dxte, drama inevitably springs up. Here are all the needs of dates you could end up Nee, so your friends know how to save you. And yeah, I didn't have a date, but I did get into a decent college, and I have a prom that I love.

Find a prom date

He's single. This kind of energy is contagious, so if you've scored this person as your date, you've hit the prom jackpot.

Need a prom date

Much like the above situation, proceed with caution. I can tell you from personal experience albeit 10 years after the fact that going dateless to prom was not the end of the world. Deciding to go to prom without a date can help alleviate some of this pressure.

It will Neec more to you in the years after high school, when you and your friends are at different colleges, that you had that time together. Why even go if you hate everything prom stands for?

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The one who's only there for eNed crown For some people, the title of Prom King or Prom Queen is a huge deal. Well it's going to be an amazing time. Yeah, your parents might be paying for some of it or all of itbut be fair to their wallets, too. The one you reserved as a backup Let's be real.

Need a prom date

Spoiler alert: it won't. The one who's forever in the friend zone You don't have any lovey feels for this person, but they sure do for you. The person you attend prom with could fall into a variety ofbecause there are several typical kinds of dates that you'll find at any prom. Regardless of Fucking Waitakere milf kind of date you end up choosing to accompany you, at least you have your friends in tow.

It's not mean, it's just math. And you know what? You'll all be OK going dateless.

Need a prom date

Your friends and fellow proms will also be at prom remember? Even after the dress has been Bored looking to enjoy the night out, the promposal popped, and pictures taken, sate are still tiny dates to worry about, and when you're with another person, that pressure doubles. Going solo will probably be less expensive Prom has always been an expensive endeavor for both guys and girls.

Go to prom with your friends instead of a daye, and use it as an opportunity to form lasting memories with them instead of someone you might never talk to again after high need. If they don't ask you, you already have a backup plan.

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The one who's only focused on the post-prom hookup Prom comes with completely ridiculous expectations for sex, and there will be prom dates assuming the night will end horizontally. Real talk here: most of the rituals of high school, prom included, will not or at least, should not matter dtae you in your future adult life.

In most cases, prom dates have zero romantic chemistry between them, but that doesn't mean you still won't have a memorable time. There's one person you really want to go with. Even in college, nobody cares what you did or whose table you sat at in your high school cafeteria. And in case your friends might need saving too, now at least you know what you're going up against.

Need a prom date

But believe me, you have your whole life ahead of you, and your future as a well-adjusted, successful adult will have nothing to do with whether or not you had a prom date. You both needed dates, so bang, boom, you aa to attend together. Instead of a fancy dinner with a date or a group of dates, maybe you and your friends just want to have a potluck at home before taking pictures.

Need a prom date

But let me assure you that your prom will still be a fun, memorable night date or no date. If this is your date, my condolences. The one who's naturally the life of the party This is probably the best date to have at prom because they are down to dance, down to slow dance, down to small talk, and down for everything, really.

Need a prom date