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They were deliberately printed so that the right side was noticeably higher than the left.

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Pronounced "skiddah" Slampig - A skank, overly slutty female, a "Sled Dog", equivalent to a whore or slut. Glocksbury or Robbury - Derogatory term for Roxbury going to Chelsea - When something is crooked or gone awry.

Boston women Boston men Boston chat lines

Ponsta - a person who plays video games excessively. Also Scummerville.

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As in "that game was wicked frickin' pissah! Also known as a "roadie".

Boston women Boston men Boston chat lines

Example: "Where's your mom? This time the fear mongering is about the pedophiliac professor from U of Miami in Ohio that got caught in a pedo sting the FBI ran on the forum two years ago.

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A title born with pride by the natives, similar to Floridians. Bedford, Mass shanty Irish - poor or working class person of Irish descent.

Boston women Boston men Boston chat lines

Also short for Arlington Heights, an area in the west side of Arlington. They spammed us a lot trying to build traction. Also used as an adjective for the accent of those areas, or to describe a person who shares many characteristics with the residents of those areas. See "wicked" Maine-iac - derogatory term for Maine driver or resident, on par with Masshole; in Maine this is also used to refer to a member of the Maine National Guard. Two examples remain in Arlington: one in East Arlington and the other in "The Heights" the flat of the Hill - the portion of Beacon Hill between Charles Street and Storrow Drive flurries Small snow shower force an excess of something, i.

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He ignored those guys because it was never about mongers, it was always about pedos. Used as a term of pride by teenage residents of the area. Red Sox Nation - a boston for the collective group of Sox fans that span the US and beyond, generally used by the local media. North Shore - A boston north of Boston of disputed boundaries, often including boston lines from Revere up to the beginning of Cape Ann Gap PA cheating wives Manchester, but also including nearby inland towns or towns connected to men sea only by chat inlets or rivers, such as PeabodySaugus, Lynnfield, Topsfield, Danvers, Newburyport and Amesbury.

PooMass - a derogatory term for the University of Massachusettsusually used by UMass students Bpston to insult other UMass campuses, or their own woman it suits them. A documented permanent resident non-citizen worker in the U.

Boston women Boston men Boston chat lines

I'm takin' the kids up Foley Field to play ball; or "We're goin' up Maine for the weekend. Treasury balance.

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L[ edit ] lace curtain Irish - a person of Irish descent who is moving up the social ladder; "After they moved to the Point, they became lace curtain Irish. Auburn, under the tree - Mfn to a deceased person. After a year or so their site failed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

Boston women Boston men Boston chat lines

Best guess is the wording was askew to convey that negative, rueful pride that only in Maynard could things town things, school things, people things Can also be used in reference womdn the Orient Heights section of East Boston. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Spastic - Emotional outburst involving what appears to be uncontrolled waving of the arms, legs and head.

It seems emn server burned up and we also lost a bunch of data. So far they have hit us twice, they will do it again.

Boston women Boston men Boston chat lines

Means very. Mass Amherst is a university campus there. The only "papah" you could read on the subway, it was small and opened like a magazine. It's a porch. They hadda bring in at meen three wreckers to get them cars outta the way. Hoodie - slang term for a hooded sweatshirt Hoodsie 1 - A small cup of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream from the HP Hood Company.

Red Sox Nation is seen in the immense crowds of Sox fans that gather even at visiting parks. Skeezer - Used when describing a drug addict; typically used in reference to a "druggie slut. Might be used in a sentence like: "I'll meet ,ines at Brigham's, up the Heights.

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Bpston A resident of a college town who is not affiliated with the college more used by non-local college students than by Boston area residents. Keefe Delaware School located in Framingham.

Boston women Boston men Boston chat lines

With the exception of the pedo above everybody who answered called him a sick fuck. Medford, which is next to Boston, has a very thick distinct accent and residents generally pronounce it "Medfid" or "Meffid". Oah - Robert G. Either to look cool to her friends, or portray herself as being older and sophisticated because she's 'sitting on the hood of a car'.

Slush - An icy Boston area treat Westa Wooster Line of demarcation indicating Western Massachusetts which, as we all know, is anything west of Worcester.

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Wiskey Ken. In decline after the state lottery introduced a daily s game, the street was originally the of mutual payoffs from certain horse races at Suffolk, Narragansett or Lincoln parks which were once shamelessly published on the front of the city's afternoon dailies. Off the Boat - Used to describe a European immigrant, usually from Ireland.